Feinwerkbau Butt Plate range

Butt Plate range

Discover the new butt plates of Feinwerkbau.

Our butt plates are available in following configurations:

For an even better adaption of our sporting arms to the shooter’s requirements we basically revised the butt plates. Depending on configuration the possibilities allowed by the latest national and international sport regulations can be optimally utilized. Based on the model, our riles are supplied with a butt plate of three different configurations. An upgrade is of course already possible on ordering and the new butt plates are in our accessories’ program for conversion – your specialized dealer will gladly help you!


The exclusive butt plate of Feinwerkbau for highest demand with maximum setting options.

By means of the three adjustable contact elements the butt plate type X-line can be adapted individually to the requirements of the shooter. Each element can separately be moved in height and can infinitely be adjusted and firmly fixed in all positions. The butt plate can be adjusted in width from 20 mm to 25 mm continuously, by rotating the contact elements 90° even up to 35 mm. In addition the upper and lower contact elements can be turned up to 10° to the left or to the right side.

Moreover the upper and lower contact elements are infinitely inclinable – this makes the butt plate a perfect companion for freehand shooting as well as for shooting on a rest.


The versatile butt plate with a remarkable price/performance ratio.

The butt plate Comfort-Line disposes of two contact elements of 25 mm which can be moved infinitely in height and fixed. Moreover the elements can be inclined – this ensures an optimum adaption to the shooter.


The appropriate butt plate for a good physical contact with the sporting arm. With an ergonomically shaped contact plate this configuration offers already a good contact of the shooter with the sporting arm. The contact plate is infinitely adjustable in height.

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